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Midas Statement for Covid - 19

Midas Pattern Company has been producing Polyurethane RIM mouldings that enshroud instruments and devices that support the Medical, Medtech Device and Instrumentation sectors for most of its 30 year history.

With the Covid-19 Global crisis that we are all facing, we feel we must stand up and play our part in defeating this deadly disease.

It is so important that everyone involved in supply chains that are manufacturing parts for Covid-19 response devices can continue to provide these essential parts so that our NHS and front life staff have both the equipment they need and the on-going research tools to help fight this Novel coronavirus.

To all our Customers

Due to our on-going supply of parts for Medical Devices and Research and Development products we will remain open and continue to manufacture Polyurethane RIM mouldings and any associated tooling. All available capacity will  be directed towards Covid-19 response projects so it is possible that we ask for some leniency on existing lead-time commitments but we hope to keep this to a minimum and ask for your understanding and support as we rebalance our priorities.

To our valued Suppliers

To all our raw material and key suppliers we urgently request you keep open all supply channels for product orders placed by Midas and where possible ensure we are given priority so that we can continue to react to our critical customer demands and provide the support that is required.

If our situation changes at any time we will update you and likewise, we ask for regular and clear communication in return so we can manage our planning and production capacity to the very best of our ability.

Many thanks for your continued support and if you have any questions get in touch.

In the meantime look after each other and stay safe


Alan Rance

Managing Director

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Midas Statement for Covid - 19