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Manufacturing a Better World

We want to share this simple, yet beautifully created and poignant video.  It really brings home the stark reality of climate change......

Whilst we are all about manufacturing responsibly at Midas, it's fantastic to take inspiration from these initiatives, especially as filmmaking is such a powerful and emotive communication tool.


Films like this help to peel away the noise and distractions that modern day life brings.  It make you face the reality of climate change and how our future planet will look if we do not start to #ActNow.  It is this call for action that is driving change at Midas and why we set about manufacturing a better world with our #MidasGreenInitiaitve.  We may only be a small polyurethane moulding company in Bedford BUT we are part of a much larger community.


Did you know that as an industry, manufacturing generates 36% of

Global emissions


The actions behind the Midas Green initiative have been a huge part of our personal and business growth over the last 18-24 months.  We set up the #MidasGreenInitiative, in part, to document our journey but to also draw attention to the environmental crisis we are facing.  We wanted to show that manufacturing doesn’t have to cost the earth.  That as passionate individuals working within a small UK business, we can take action and, whilst our steps may be small, we can ultimately help change the world. And that feels amazing!


The US alone generates 2.7B tons of industrial solid waste annually


By working together and sharing knowledge, we can build a momentum of positivity.   Collectively, as an industry we must take action, drive change and spread the message far and wide if we are to limit rising global temperatures.  To help others understand how they can reduce their impact on the environment and help to create a better world.  We are blazing a trail to show it can be done without costing a fortune, in fact, through waste reduction and innovation, your business can prosper. 

So, can we inspire you to make a change?


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About Connect4Climate and Film4Climate

A global campaign committed to mitigating the environmental impact of film production and to raising awareness of climate change through cinema. Championed by an action group called Connect4Climate who want to raise awareness, command collaboration and help give voice to our younger generation.  After all, it will become their battle to change our troubled world.

Their mission is to bring together leaders, groups and individuals passionate about reversing climate change, to help build a better world. To call for unity in ambition and move global leaders away from silo thinking and to encourage them to use science based knowledge to address climate change, to provide a future fit for our children.

The Film4Climate initiative stemmed from a 2014 documentary film contest which was created to help promote sustainability. Its ultimate aim is to ‘green the silver screen’ and promote collaboration and sustainable filmmaking.


Let's help AMPLIFY this call for a unity in ambition and help save the world.

You can check out more videos and initiative here, but make sure you watch 3 seconds. 

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Manufacturing a Better World