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Investing in Our Future

As we start our 30th anniversary year it seemed only fitting to mark the occasion with an investment that would set the tone for the year and our continued success. 

2019 is set to be a challenging year in an ever changing economic and political landscape and one that does little to promote or provide confidence to businesses. However, at Midas we believe it is important to continue to invest in our future, in our equipment and people and to focus on what we do well which is offer the highest quality customer service and best polyurethane RIM mouldings you can buy. 

So, we were very excited to see the arrival of our new HAAS VF9 as we begin the journey on our next chapter in UK manufacturing.  The HAAS VF9 will complement the current 6 HAAS machining centres and replace a smaller VF6 to help increase machining capacity as workloads increase and lead-time demands get ever shorter. With a machining envelope of 2M by 1M by1M it will certainly need plenty of work so give us a call on 01234 358394 if you have a project you think we can help you with or email the team.

As you can see from some of the images, it's not always straightforward manoeuvring these machines in and out of site so why not grab a coffee and take a look at it arriving.

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Investing in Our Future Investing in Our Future