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How RIM Prototype Moulding can make Your Designs a Reality

Getting ideas for a new project off the drawing board can be a daunting and expensive task. The prototyping process can be complex and tricky to navigate with a lot of hurdles along the way.  Many systems, whilst offering fast turnarounds, do not always provide accurate and usable parts that represent the final product - which is where Midas comes in.  

Prototype moulding at Midas offers a way for businesses to quickly create professional quality products in small quantities. Our unique method creates prototype mouldings using the same materials as our production mouldings thus offering customers both small-batch and prototype services.

Prototype Moulding Using Production Moulding Techniques

Reaction injection moulding or RIM moulding is the process of injecting liquid chemicals into a mould tool at low-pressure. As the compounds react, a polyurethane plastic shape is formed or ‘cast’ within the shape of the cavity. At Midas we use this method for both our prototype and production moulding, the only difference being the tooling used to create the part.

The low pressure required during RIM moulding allows the use of composite mould tools, instead of steel or aluminium, which drastically reduces the cost when compared to thermoplastic injection moulding methods.

We have worked hard to develop an innovative prototype moulding system, FASTrimTM. This unique method is a rapid polyurethane moulding service, allowing for the production of prototypes within a matter of days. The tooling is guaranteed to produce a minimum of 30 parts and is therefore ideal for creating one-off prototypes and final products when low quantities are desired.

FASTrimTM and other forms of reaction injection moulding can be used to perfectly replicate complex designs with great precision.

This method of prototype moulding has many advantages over other techniques such as 3D printing For example, the quality of surface finish and material properties to name just a couple.

Polyurethane Moulding for Specialised Industries

RIM prototype moulding can cover a large range of different styles and purposes. The flexibility of polyurethane moulding, also known as PU moulding, means that it can suit the needs of many different sectors. Products can range from small highly finished parts to large, rigid structures.  From aerospace parts to broadcasting gear, reaction injection moulding covers a wide range of different industries.

For many types of products, such as those used within the medical industry, the increased accuracy of our prototype moulding can prove vital. The quality of finish is often higher than alternative methods, resulting in usable prototypes and final products. This will enhance the user experience and overall feeling of quality.

For those designers who want to put their ambitious ideas into practice, FASTrimTM prototype moulding process offers a quick and efficient solution to get product ideas and designs off the ground and allows designers to quickly view and test their end product.

To discover how FASTrim™ prototyping might work for you, get in touch with Midas today.


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How RIM Prototype Moulding can make Your Designs a Reality