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From 1st January 2021, Midas to Mitigate all Embodied Carbon

Midas Enters 5-year Partnership with The Forest of Marston Vale

We are delighted to announce we have entered a long-term partnership with The Forest of Marston Vale, a 61 square mile woodland and reforestation program located just 3.2 miles from Midas. 

Striking this partnership allows Midas to become a Carbon net-zero manufacturer. This means with immediate effect, we will be mitigating ALL embodied Carbon across 100% of our products!

The purchase of Pending Issuance Units (PIU's) from The Forest will balance ALL embodied Carbon within our 'sold' products. Further to this long-term arrangement, we have also committed to funding the planting of at least 500 additional trees in each year of our agreement. 

The Forest of Marston Vale

The Forest of Marston Vale is one of 12 Community Forests set up by the Government to achieve major environmental improvements around towns and cities and to help with regeneration and sustainability over a 40-year period. 

The team at Marston have been working hard since 1995, improving the local environment and combating poor tree coverage caused by previous industrial activities.  The Stewartby Brickworks and its associated clay pits destroyed habitat and removed tree and foliage cover.  Once empty, these pits were filled with waste and became landfill. 

From just 3.6% tree coverage in 1990 to over 15% in 2015, success is happening in The Forest of Marston Vale but to achieve the target of 30% tree cover, a further 5 MILLION trees need to be planted.  Each tree costs around £20 to plant and manage, over a 5 year period.

You can read more about other Community Forests around the UK and see how you can support them here.

What Does This Mean for You?

Working with Midas means you are partnering with a UK based manufacturing company that offers low risk and cost-effective rapid moulding solutions.  We provide you with long-term security in your supply chain. 

As consumer awareness and future legislative change bring carbon reduction to the forefront, business decisions and especially new product development will be affected.  Business will change for everyone, but Midas is ahead of the curve and has already made those changes and is fully prepared.

You can rest easy knowing that all parts purchased from Midas will be produced in a Carbon-Neutral environment. Not only that, Midas mouldings will have the added benefit of being shipped with all embodied Carbon fully mitigated, so you don’t have to worry. This will save you time, money, and a significant amount of hassle.

As a manufacturing business, we do not need to mitigate embodied Carbon content in our products.  This is actually our customers’ responsibility, but we have taken full responsibility for all Carbon related to our business. As a result, our customers don't need to spend precious time calculating Carbon content or managing offsetting schemes - we have done it for you.

The #MidasGreenInitiative is all about genuine environmental responsibility. That’s why we have become Carbon Net-Zero, mitigated all embodied Carbon, and shouldered all associated costs. This is responsible 'green manufacturing', decades ahead of the 2050 Paris agreement deadline.

We mean business

We are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment.  This is not just talk, empty words, or ‘greenwash’, we are spending large sums of money in an effort to help halt climate change, provide sustainable products to our customers and ultimately, secure our manufacturing future in the UK.

We hope we inspire others to do the same.

Please follow and share #Midasgreeninitiative, the journal of our green mission.


Manufacturing does not have to cost the earth


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From 1st January 2021,  Midas to Mitigate all Embodied Carbon