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Five Reasons to Work with Midas

Whether you are looking to launch disruptive Medical Device technology, develop groundbreaking Medtech and Laboratory Instrumentation, or work on the latest high tech electronic equipment, Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) can be your perfect partner.

A process that breaks the rules on size, material thickness and casts aside the restrictions seen in other moulding processes. 

We don’t do sink. Yes, that's right, our process allows thick and thin sections, saving you time-consuming checks and kicks those first off moulding stresses out the window.

We can, however, over-mould threaded inserts, provide EMC shield coating, paint your parts in UV stable and hardwearing paint and work with you to select from a multitude of colours and finishes

Need just 10 parts, no problem. New to the process and not sure where to start, let’s chat.


Here are 5 headline reasons we think you should check out RIM moulding at Midas 


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Five Reasons to Work with Midas