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Donkey Guardian on International Donkey Week

A special time for donkey lovers to unite and recognise the amazing work that rescue charities such as the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth do.  These four legged beasts of burden really do have a hard time around the world and the charity does so much good work to help them in their plight for a better life.

Midas Has its own Donkey Guardian who is fully supporting International Donkey Week.

Clare Brooks who is part of the Sales & Marketing team at Midas realised her life’s dream in 2017 by becoming a Donkey Guardian for the Donkey Sanctuary and as we celebrate International Donkey week from May 6th-13th, it seemed fitting to shine a light on her hard work and see where some of the Midas sales inspiration comes from! 

After a huge renovation project on a derelict piece of land in her home town, a donkey paradise was created with help from colleagues at Midas.

The two ‘old timers’ Maco 21 & Joop 22 came to their ‘forever’ home with Clare on the 1st June.  The ‘Donks’ as they are lovingly referred to are very much part of daily conversations at Midas – who doesn’t love those soulful faces and massive ears?  Clare says the Donks are hard work but worth every moment.  They are particularly well loved by work colleagues’ children and often have their little friends dropping by to share a carrot or two.

Clare maintains that the Donks help her deal with the fast paced world of working within a busy manufacturing company.  The field is an oasis and the Donks are a great sounding board!


Animal Lovers Unite during Donkey Week 2019

Anyone who has a love for animals will want to make sure that they take part in Donkey Week 2019. This is the perfect chance for people to make a close connection with donkeys by interacting with them in a wide range of different ways and the event takes place between May 6th and May 13th in 2019.

Donkey Week 2019 takes place at The Donkey Sanctuary in Slade House Farm in Sidmouth, Devon, where a wide range of different types of events will be held. People of all ages are invited to groom, cuddle or simply sit and watch the resident donkeys, while special day trips to the surrounding area are also organised by the onsite staff.

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Donkey Guardian on International Donkey Week Donkey Guardian on International Donkey Week