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Charge Stations at Midas

Midas are pleased to announce that from the start of July we will have a Dual FastCharge charging point operating in the main car park/visitor parking area where both Midas employees and visitors can benefit from on-site fast charging.

We selected BPChargemaster as our charging partner and had no hesitation in asking them to install their Dual FAST Charge station, costs were subsidised utilising the government’ OLEV grant, a nice incentive to help keep costs to a minimum.  

As development into Electric Vehicles moves forward, the focus continues on reducing emissions, both CO2 and NO2, especially for petrol and diesel vehicles so we will be looking at how we can reduce our carbon foot print with regards our own company vehicles as well. 

Whilst there are still question marks regarding adequate infrastructure and range anxiety for the longer journeys, small changes in engine size, type of fuel and number of journeys made can all help to reduce the impact we make on the environment.

This is just one of the many initiatives taking place at Midas to help reduce our impact on the environment and we look forward to seeing our customers taking advantage of charging their EV’s in the near future…

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Charge Stations at Midas