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Certification - Measuring and Metrics for ISO14064 and PAS2060

As a result of the data collection that we have undertaken on our journey towards accreditation of our Carbon net zero project (CO2Zero – ISO 14064), these graphs are probably the most powerful way of conveying what can be achieved when you and try harder and #ActNow.

Purchasing 100% green electricity from BULB for business and Ecotricity, along with the installation of own solar farm with the support and guidance from Centreco, has helped Midas reduce its CO2 footprint.

In addition to green electricity, to reduce emissions further it was essential that we switched from 100% natural gas to BIOGAS. Following a two-step approach where we initially switched to a 10%BIO / 90% Carbon offset deal with BULB in 2019, we then successfully agreed a contract with Crown Gas and Power Ltd to provide 100% BIOGAS 2020 - dropping our gas CO2 output to zero.

These steps have underpinned our success in achieving CO2Zero in process (Scope 1 & 2), they have also been prime motivators, pushing us harder as we deal with the smaller detail changes that are required to satisfy scope 3 and acheive carbon net zero thorughout  (Scope 1, 2 & 3).


We’d like to thank BULB! Ecotricity and Crown Gas and Power Ltd for their support and assistance with our journey

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Certification - Measuring and Metrics for ISO14064 and PAS2060