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Being Responsible in 2020 - Looking After the Workforce

With company growth and success comes responsibility and at Midas we constantly strive to be a responsible manufacturing company.  The last 12 months has seen our Green Initiative take significant focus as we ensure our impact on the environment is minimised.  This focus and investment will continue as we adapt further - but we also wanted to take this opportunity to highlight areas within our business that have also developed significantly

A big part of the jigsaw for Midas and the quality RIM mouldings we produce, is our amazing workforce who put their heart and soul into making the best quality parts you can buy.  It is our priority that we consider their welfare at all times and part of this includes the management of our Health and Safety Policies, combined with Occupational Health Visits.  Mitigation of risk when dealing with chemicals, paints, working at height and movement of heavy tooling/parts to name just a few are hazards that any manufacturing company can be challenged with and Midas is certainly no exception.

As we grow and challenge our business both technically and with scale of parts, we also need make sure our Health and Safety and OSHA procedures are robust, in line with all the latest legal and regulatory requirements and most importantly, are protecting our workforce. We have benefited enormously from the breadth and depth of knowledge that our external partners - Spedan have brought to Midas and they have been excellent at providing that much needed additional resource when you really need it; one that can be flexed as much as required when you scale your business.

If our post inspires and re-assures you and you would like to work with the Midas team on your next product or innovation, please get in touch. We make great RIM mouldings, but we also care about our people and how our process impacts the environment.

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Being Responsible in 2020 - Looking After the Workforce Being Responsible in 2020 - Looking After the Workforce