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A Change in Packaging - Single Use Plastic

For the last 30 years, Midas has taken pride in producing the highest quality PU mouldings and part of that process includes an understanding of how to prepare and protect parts for transit. 

Mouldings leave Midas and can travel 20 miles down the road or end up in the furthest corners of the World so packaging solutions are varied and unfortunately cannot always be the ideal re-useable solutions we'd all like to see.

In addition to the varied logistical requirements, parts are typically large in size with complex, organic shapes and have highly finished, painted surfaces.

Until recently, the majority of packaging used at Midas was polymer based and whilst very effective, did not fit well with our focus on sustainable manufacturing. The desire to pack our products responsibly drove us to procure ethically sourced and recyclable materials across the board so we no longer use any single use polymer's such as packing foam, bubble wrap or vinyl tape in any of our packaging solutions.

In addition to the standard shredding of all office waste which can be used for bulk packaging material, we have also invested in a cardboard shedding machine. 

This allows us to recycle boxes that are no longer suitable for re-use by shredding them and also using them for bulk packing media, which in turn reduces the amount of waste material going in to the skips.

The investments we have made in shredding technology, combined with a new culture of 'Packaged with Care and Responsibility' into our packaging department has eradicated all single use polymers in the business and help to reduced our outgoing waste by 50% (all of which is certificated recycled/burnt as RDF - 'Refuse Derived Fuel') and have introduced a culture.


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A Change in Packaging - Single Use Plastic