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8 Bite Sized Videos - How to Go Green

As part of our Midas Green Initiative and drive to spread the word far and wide about climate change, we wanted to put together a series of videos that will hopefully inspire you to make change within your business.

In less than two years Midas achieved carbon neutral status and we have learned a lot along the way.  It's not rocket science, it just needs a focused approach and a commitment to take action and change.


We Challenge you to Start 

your Green Journey


As a very busy manufacturing company we understand the pressures involved with getting a quality product out the door. UK Manufacturing needs to run lean, and carefully manage resources to be successful, not to mention the tight margins we quite often have to work with. 

All these factors challenge the decisions on where to spend our time and effort BUT any action is better than none when it comes to halting climate change.  Some actions cost nothing and just require a change in mindset, others take effort and some need serious investment but the key thing is to start.

Check out our bite-sized videos which highlight just some of the areas we reviewed at Midas on our green journey and see which ones you could tackle. 


Let's Make Sure UK Manufacturing is Part of the Climate Crisis Solution


  1. Get Switching

  2. Reduce and Remove Single-Use Plastics

  3. Invest in Solar

  4. Convert to LED Lighting

  5. Invest in Energy Efficient Equipment

  6. Reduce Factory Waste

  7. Reduce Business Travel and Source Local

  8. Take Action and Become a Green Leader




‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’

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8 Bite Sized Videos - How to Go Green