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3 Ways to Keep on Track - Colour and Finish Decisions

Agreeing on paint colours and finishes can be the most challenging phase in any product development process.  Where numerous stakeholders need to agree on what feels right for the product, the market, how it will make the consumer feel, right through to the basics of durability and clean-ability. Whilst swatches can be sourced to aid discussion from the likes of RAL, Pantone and other colour experts, we feel the best way to select your paint finish is to get up, close and personal - to explore some real life, to scale examples.

Being able to see first-hand the range of textures and finishes possible, understand how they subtly change when used with different colours and gloss variations can be really valuable in helping you finalise your decisions, with the least pain and in the shortest time frame.

So it's no surprise to find that we have an amazing collection of parts on display at Midas to showcase all the finishes, colours, masking and print we offer and because we use actual full size mouldings, not small swatches, you do really get to see what is possible. Look and feel how that can translate on your design.

Our first suggestion will always be to visit us, take a factory tour so you understand how we work and what makes the process so special.  You can then spend as long as you need looking at all the examples BUT we know that’s not possible right now. 

So, how can you keep on track and keep your project moving in lock whilst visits are restricted?  Let’s run through how we can still work with you to keep the ideas flowing and projects moving forward:-


Case studies and images   

We have been fortunate to work on an amazing selection of projects over the last 30 years, and although some parts are covered by NDA, there are loads we can share with you. Pop over to our website for a look and if you still can't find anything that relates, then we can have a chat and dig a little deeper in our archives.

Virtual meeting

If you have not been on Zoom or TEAMS over the last few weeks where have you been!  Whilst we are all getting a little fatigued with Zoom overload, there are some great benefits to video calling not least the obvious benefit that we can see each other!

Being able to chat through project requirements, share CAD screens and have the opportunity to talk in more depth about the differences between spatter and textured finishes and how to achieve a really neat and consistent two colour split is really helpful stuff. In the first instance call the office or drop an email to start the ball rolling.

Sample Plaques

Ultimately, we still know nothing beats seeing paint examples, the colours, textures and gloss levels in real life.  This is especially valuable when you have a current project at that critical decision making phase and need to get all stakeholders in agreement.

When you are at that crucial stage, get in touch and we can work with you to organise some samples to review, delivered straight to your door.


In the meantime, take a look at our quick reference guide below which highlights each of the finishes we offer not forgetting that we can apply most of them in a range of colours and gloss levels.


Summary of types of paint finishes offered on Midas RIM mouldings


If you have a new project on the horizon and would like to chat through RIM moulding or how paints might affect your application, please do get in touch

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3 Ways to Keep on Track - Colour and Finish Decisions