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2019 Green is the new Orange!

2019 has been a very exciting year for all of us here at Midas; alongside our normal business, we have been setting up and implementing the Midas Green Initiative.

We aim to do as much as we possibly can to reduce our impact on climate change.  An anomaly, some would say given that we are a 'plastics' manufacturing company – but we are responsible, and our polyurethane castings are just about as far as you can get from single-use plastic.

We are proud to say our packaging process has been optimised and now uses no plastic-based packaging at all. This was made possible by the installation of our 3-phase cardboard shredder and two industrial paper shredders.

All our paper and card is now recycled and used on-site; we even ask our customers to return their packaging materials so we can re-use them and also offer this service to neighbouring companies on our industrial estate!

Since we said 'Hello' to our brand-new variable speed compressor courtesy of Atlas Copco we have reduced our energy consumption by over 30%. This means we are producing an impressive 46 fewer tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year.  You can read more about our partnership with Atlas Copco here. In addition to this, the electricity now running our more efficient equipment it is 100% wind-generated and supplied by Ecotricity

All lighting at Midas is now LED and, wherever possible, motion-sensitive. Our staff have joined in at home too; almost a quarter of Midas staff have signed up to 100% green energy which is a fantastic response.

It doesn’t stop there: we have installed a Chargemaster Dual FastCharge charging point in the main car park/visitor parking area where both Midas employees and visitors can benefit from on-site fast charging.

Halting Climate Change is all about taking responsibility – as a company and as individuals. If every company and every person in that company made just one change - great things could happen.


'How do you change the world?

- Bring people together.

Where is the easiest big place to bring people together?

- In the work environment' 


Adam Neumann

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2019 Green is the new Orange! 2019 Green is the new Orange!