Custom mouldings and continued support from the team at Midas

If you are developing a new product and would benefit from a stylish, high-quality custom moulding, we have the tools and experience to help. Take a look at how the team at Midas can help you get to your market quickly.

Custom casings that offer stylish protection for your products

When developing new innovations and devices, finding supply solutions for high quality, custom mouldings can sometimes be challenging when volumes are low, markets are unknown and funding for expensive metal tooling is unavailable. With our innovative technology and in-house teams, Midas can produce bespoke casings to protect and promote your products and devices, even those with the most complex designs. Our teams have the experience to bring your RIM moulded designs to life, with flexibility in batch sizes.

High-quality finishes and flexible designs to meet your requirements

All of our products are finished by our teams in-house. We can change colour, paints and textures with each batch to meet specific requirements for quality parts. With every bespoke customisation, you are opening the opportunity for larger market sales. We ensure all of our materials can be shipped worldwide, our high-quality PU moulding processes allow us to produce for all your requirements; the quality of finish means our products can withstand long-distance trips without affecting the product.

When time is of the essence, you need rapid lead-times on low volume orders

If a machine, instrument, device or product with high value is being created, typically volumes for manufacture remain between the ranges of 1 to 2000 per year. These manufactured parts usually need aesthetically perfect enclosures and packaging. That is where Midas comes in.

Low-cost tooling that opens opportunities to modify cost-effectively

Our prototype PU moulding process is flexible enough to support low volumes with rapid turnaround time without having to compromise on the precision and quality you expect from your product. Our processes allow us to be incredibly reactive and help to reduce expensive and time-consuming development processes.

A supply chain and manufacturing partner that understands your requirements

Midas has been manufacturing in the UK for over 28 years, in this time we have had experience producing high-quality precision mouldings for a variety of sectors across the UK. Our teams have the knowledge and tools to support all regulatory requirements associated with your industry and can offer support and advice to ensure all of these regulations are met and exceeded with every product and prototype produced. Further to this, our paints are robust enough to be suitable for medical and laboratory use, thanks to our pedigree in these sectors.

Design for manufacture support, every step of the way

If you have never been involved in the manufacturing process, the team at Midas are there to help. With a strong understanding of the marketplace and specific requirements, we can get you from A to B with ease. We know that you need a low-cost tooling option that offers low risks on new products, so adaptations can be made before product launch. All of our services, engineering and manufacturing processes are all carried out in-house. This ensures you are getting the same Midas quality and experience with every project undertaken.

For more information on custom solutions for your requirements and what Midas can do for you, get in touch with the team today.

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