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Why Midas?

Midas is a Polyurethane RIM moulding company with in-house toolmaking capability and our aim is to supply the best tooling and polyurethane RIM mouldings that money can buy. We do this by ensuring we deliver the highest levels of Customer Service, Part Quality and Design for Manufacture support.

We believe that with our unique manufacturing environment we are still able to recognise good old fashioned skills and values whilst embracing modern thinking, techniques, systems and equipment which means we can produce exceptional part quality at a value that makes sense.

Our range of services supports customers right from the very concept; through prototype manufacture, exhibition launches and on to the alpha and beta series builds to prove out the design and assembly. With continued investment in equipment, lead-times are short and the Midas team agile, so progression to on-going production RIM mouldings is quick and seamless.

Polyurethane mouldings are ideally suited to enshrouding high value, innovative products such as medical devices, scientific equipment and high end broadcasting equipment and in addition to our tooling, modelmaking and PU moulding capabilities, we can also cater for painting, screen printing and assembly requirements to provide a full turnkey service.

A fundamental belief at Midas is treasuring existing customers and their business before adding any new ones, that belief has ensured Midas has grown steadily and sustainably over so many years.

Any potential customer who is looking for a quality long term supplier to partner with should take time to understand what makes Midas the chosen preferred partner for so many leading UK companies

Reasons to Partner with Midas Pattern Company Ltd

  • Because we do what we say we'll do - always striving to deliver 'Quality on Time'.
  • When you deal with Midas you are dealing with a professional, established and market leading business thus minimising your risk.
  • Midas is privately owned and has a first class reputation, our owner's priority is to ensure that this reputation is upheld and renowned as Midas' name becomes synonymous with quality and service.
  • Comprehensive in-house toolmaking facilities - we are in control of all manufacturing processes to ensure our promises are kept.
  • Unique tooling systems for producing the very best prototype and production polyurethane mouldings. Developed in house, this innovation drives our company forward and is central to our ability to continually deliver quality product on time, every time.
  • We believe in 'Infrastructure, Investment and Innovation' meaning Midas is here for the long-term which minimises customer risk
  • We GUARANTEE our MRIM™ TOOLING for up to 10 years or 5000 cycles
  • Modifications to Midas MRIM™ and FASTrim™ are low cost and quickly implemented
  • Diversity of supply, single sourcing and turnkey solutions - we can supply models, pattern equipment, tooling, precision sand castings and precision polyurethane mouldings

For more insight into the diversity of our manufacturing capabilities, go to our case studies section.

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