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New Stylish Instrument Design Aided by Flexibility of Midas' PU RIM Process

  • Collaborative design for a functional product with client branding
  • Incorporating and enclosing the latest evaporation technology
  • Product potential for multiple industries

Although it may not sound all that glamorous, evaporation is a vital process and its effects can be life-saving. When we were approached by our client to help create the latest in the range of evaporators, a new instrument set to be the ultimate in solvent removal technology, we jumped at the chance.

Solvent evaporation is an important process in microencapsulation, an enclosure technique used in industries from food to medicine. In this latter example, the process is vital in the controlled release of drugs administered via injection.

We were approached by our client to develop and produce a PU enclosure for an evaporator which could incorporate a new high-performance vacuum pump and the latest touchscreen technology. These intuitive controls enhance monitoring and combine protocols pre-set ‘Press & Go’ methods to make operation easy and productive even for occasional users. We wanted the design of this PU enclosure to reflect this, and make all evaporation processes look effortless, whilst at the same time making sure the product maintains industry standards.

Our knowledge and expertise of medical mouldings allowed us to effectively collaborate with a local design agency to produce a sleek ergonomic design which upheld all industry standards whilst still fitting in with the image and branding requested by the client.

As medical drugs are the product of this process, hygiene and sterilisation are vital aspects that our product needed to meet. Using a single polyurethane moulding, we were able to create an enclosure with a smooth exterior that can be easily and reliably cleaned. The enclosure was then broken up by a two-colour paint system with company branding for a more aesthetic finish.

The PU enclosure was then made by Midas MRIM™, our unique composite resin tooling system. RIM moulding is our speciality here at Midas and was an ideal technique for this product due to its flexibility in both design and production. Using a single moulding provides a consistent and cohesive look that is both stylish and functional whilst giving the enclosure a smooth exterior for hygiene and maintenance, a crucial factor for a product used in medical industries.

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New Stylish Instrument Design Aided by Flexibility of Midas' PU RIM Process New Stylish Instrument Design Aided by Flexibility of Midas' PU RIM Process