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MEDTEC Devices

MEDTEC devices are highly specialised and require strong, durable and functional mouldings to ensure they perform as desired. At Midas, we have worked with a number of big names in the MEDTEC industry over the last 30 years to produce polyurethane mouldings using our tried and tested MRIM™ solution.

The flexibility of our process allows for complex designs to come to life easily with the added benefit of being highly cost-effective. Specialising in low-volume runs, our MRIM™ process is perfect for industries such as MEDTEC that require only a limited number of products per design.

Our polyurethane casings can meet a range of essential health and safety regulations including flame-retardancy and are easily produced within required tolerances. Read the case studies below to find out more about our work on Medtec projects.

MEDTEC Devices

Winning Combination with Midas and 30 Part Assembly

30 Part Assembly of Polyurethane Mouldings
UL94 V0 Rated Flame Retardant Material
Variety of Finishes

Midas initially manufactured an impressive 26 MRIM Tools in just twelve weeks for a laboratory equipment launch

This fast-turnaround tooling project was critical to the...

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New Stylish Instrument Design Aided by Flexibility of Midas' PU RIM Process

Collaborative design for a functional product with client branding
Incorporating and enclosing the latest evaporation technology
Product potential for multiple industries

Although it may not sound all that glamorous, evaporation is a vital process and its effects can be life-saving....

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Midas Pattern Company Deliver Stylish Design

PU moulding challenge for revolutionary personal evaporator
Flexible MRIM™ tooling for complex design and low annual volumes
Collaborative work for a stylish and practical product

From art and air conditioning through to medicine, evaporators serve an essential function in many...

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Moulding Benefits Magnified on new Electron Microscope

Design dilemma for Electron Microscope
Midas MRIM™ essential to manufacture
Expert collaboration achieves eye-catching design

Design is often treated as an afterthought behind function, technology, and price. However, it’s increasingly being recognised as a way to offer a...

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Newlook Veterinary Device Benefits from Midas Expertise

Important allergy device gets aesthetic upgrade
Midas MRIM™ perfect for anticipated design and numbers
Short manufacturing times produced product in weeks

A Cambridge-based product design, development, and engineering consultancy formed in 2002 serves industries like...

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