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Taking a Swipe at Inefficiency

  • Resilient case components produced with MRIM™ technology
  • Innovative marketing solution designed to improve customer sales and satisfaction
  • Appealing exterior with a high-quality finish

At Midas, our MRIM™ production moulding expertise is helping to boost the appeal of an innovative device geared towards capturing customer engagement via exciting marketing campaigns.

The device has been installed at sites such as bars, leisure facilities and sports clubs for the purpose of publicising in-house promotions while collecting important marketing information. The device has been developed to collect and store data such as when, where and how customers have arrived at the premises. To date, the Midas team have produced and assembled 40 units for worldwide distribution using our patented MRIM™ moulding technology

This innovative solution represents a new and exciting way for brands, venues and retailers to track marketing campaigns from inception through to redemption. A bold, physical presence in venues allows brands to revolutionise how they speak to their customers, with the software allowing complete online control and real-time data collection. The system, which involves customers swiping a QR code on their mobile phone, has already been adopted by several blue-chip brands including Red Bull, Butlin’s, Yates’s, Empire Cinemas and Pepsi Max, and has boosted customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.

Attracting customers to such a device demands an appealing exterior of high-quality and due to the proposed location of the units, it was essential that the parts look incredible but are also resilient to the wear and tear of a fast-paced environment.  Armed with two referrals, the client contacted us at Midas to take on the production process inclusive of a seven-part case with back and front doors, painting of the components and full product assembly ready for the final test phase. The client was delighted with the final product and the quality of our MRIM™ process.

MRIM™ is the name given to Midas’s unique composite resin tooling system which is used to produce high-quality polyurethane mouldings. Guaranteed for up to 5000 parts, the most complex of mould tools can be produced, including vertical faces, undercuts, metal inserts and collapsible cores. Get in touch with us today for more information on our range of available processes. 

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Taking a Swipe at Inefficiency Taking a Swipe at Inefficiency