Finishing & Assembly

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  • Quality hardware control system needed for leading digital film technology supplier
  • Sleek and modern design for optimum user comfort
  • Reduced assembly time using innovative MRIM™

When a leading supplier of digital film technology wanted to develop a high-quality hardware control system for colour grading and mixing, they decided to look for someone with the expertise to manage the project from start to finish. That’s where the team at Midas came in.

The London-based company who manufacture this high-tech equipment deliver the systems to post-production houses around the world. The technology is widely used to provide consistency throughout blockbusters such as James Bond and the popular BBC series Dr Who. Colour-grading and mixing allow producers to put their distinct mark onto a production, leaving the viewers in awe of the crisp, sharp colours as seen in Top Gear or romanticised by the glowing hues of typical rom-coms.

Our client’s R&D team had set their sights on producing its own dedicated hardware and control surface. To ensure a quality product, they needed a reliable and sleek design which was pleasing to the eye, offered great ergonomics and gave the user something that looked unique.

After receiving over 20 orders on the back of a trade show prototype unveiling, the client wanted a process that would reduce assembly time and overall costs for quick, reliable delivery. Our specialised MRIM™ tooling process ideal for small production runs was the perfect answer.

The final design of the grading system was complex but stunning. The low profile of the device allowed a direct eye line to the projection screen, while the radial arrangement of the control keys across a smooth surface ensured optimum comfort for the operator. The controls have been designed for use in a typical grading environment where light levels are often low. Each button was individually lit with a white highlight, blue ring or both, and overall illumination can be adjusted to suit the specific working environment or operator’s preferences.

As well as fitting all injection moulding requirements, our engineers completed all electronics assembly work including the installation of five large PCBs, 174 keys, four screens, a jog control, tracker balls, a tablet and several control knobs to the base moulding. By allowing the team at Midas to manage the entire project, the client was able to concentrate on fulfilling the large demand of orders and providing quality customer service.

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