Midas MRIM™ Moulding Cuts Production Costs by 20%

  • Reduced manufacture and assembly time
  • Simplified maintenance requirements
  • Painted to suit extreme temperature conditions

When a Welsh-based technology and innovation company, specialising in product design and development, contacted the team at Midas about their next project, we were only too happy to help. The aim of the project was to provide attractive polyurethane covers for a new generation of market-leading monitoring, logging and management systems used within the tankered liquids industry.

As well as improving the overall aesthetics, the client wanted to lower production costs by at least 20%. Previously, the products were made from sheet metal, a costly and inefficient material for such a device. By opting for a plastic construction, our client was able to reduce manufacturing and assembly time, as well as simplify maintenance requirements. Using plastic also allowed the client to create attractive curvature using simple moulding techniques.

Midas has worked extensively with the client in the past, using our MRIM™ system for many of their previous projects. Both the team at Midas and the client were happy that it would, once again, provide the optimum solution in terms of weight, durability, aesthetics and cost. This unique composite resin tooling system is used to produce high-quality polyurethane mouldings, guaranteed for up to 5000 parts. The number of new casing needed was estimated as less than 100 per annum, making MRIM™ ideal with its low-cost and short lead times.  

The lead project manager was impressed with our ability to take 3D CAD files and discuss them in a sensible and intelligent way, offering suggestions regarding draft angles and insert positions. At Midas, we have a team of highly experienced engineers on hand to offer advice on the best possible solutions, helping to save our client time and money at every stage of production. The quality control at Midas was also pointed out as impressive, an essential aspect for creating the perfect customer-facing front cover.

Once moulded, our paint shop team got to work on finishing the products with quality paints that were able to withstand the extreme temperatures expected in the Middle East. The covers also provided a high IP rating to prevent the ingress of contaminants such as dust, sand and water, while offering simple access to the interior of the device for maintenance purposes.

The final product measured 900mm x 560mm x 150mm and provided the new, up-to-date casing the client required, with the desired 20% saving on production costs

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Midas MRIM™ Moulding Cuts Production Costs by 20% Midas MRIM™ Moulding Cuts Production Costs by 20%