Midas Expertise Supports Next-Generation Domestic Energy-Saving Technology

  • Complex design needed for next-generation energy-saving system
  • Functionality and aesthetics were important considerations
  • 30 right-first-time products manufactured within the tight time-scale

Every so often a product comes along which changes the course of domestic living. Livingston-based WaterEvolution, with its new reAqua+ energy recovery and greywater recycling system, is set to do just that. This slender unit, measuring around 1m2 and just 250mm deep, comprises of two separate chambers designed to recover heat from shower and bath wastewater and store the remaining water for future lavatory flushes.

WaterEvolution decided to outsource the design of their new system and trusted their chosen product design company to select the right manufacturer for the job. At Midas, we are always keen to work on projects that positively impact the environment, so when we were approached by the company to design and manufacture the rotational mould tooling, we didn’t hesitate to accept. After visiting Midas, WaterEvolution's manufacturing director, Hamilton Scanlon, was very impressed. The quality at Midas was of the highest standard Mr Scanlon had seen in that kind of environment and he was very keen to welcome us onto his project.

Functionality and aesthetics were both extremely important on this new reAqua+ water recycling system. The design consisted of a high-quality and durable polyurethane moulded tank which would feature an inset of the company’s logo on the front. It also included components that would allow it to be an inherent part of the room’s structure, ensuring it attached securely to a supporting metal frame, for example. Furthermore, the flexibility of the design provided seven extraction points to accept pipe fittings from different positions and complied fully with WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

The project had the backing of numerous high-profile investors and supporting partners and the client had also committed to a specific time-slot for a Building Research Establishment (BRE) evaluation. The pressure was high to ensure the lead-times were fast and the design was right.

Midas and the selected design house worked together to determine what could and could not be achieved using rotational moulding techniques. This related to the location of split lines, how extraction points would work, and how a range of brass inserts were best fitted.

Not only did Midas deliver the tool ahead of schedule, the advice provided helped to ensure the client received 30 right-first-time products. Additionally, the very first tank was submitted to BRE for tests to evaluate the Appendix Q accreditation level. The reAqua+, believed to be the only system of its type available commercially, has been designed and developed from scratch in just 12 months.

With a number of real trials in operation, where homes are equipped with extensive monitoring equipment to enable feedback, energy savings in monetary terms, have been recorded. WaterEvolution is already targeting reAqua+ at new home builders and housing associations running refurbishment projects.

Get in touch if you need complex mouldings created at a competitive price and we’ll work with you to create the ideal solution.

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Midas Expertise Supports Next-Generation Domestic Energy-Saving Technology Midas Expertise Supports Next-Generation Domestic Energy-Saving Technology