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Companies are finding new ways to ensure the consumer experience is as simple as possible, using high-tech consoles to improve usability. Our tried and tested reaction injection moulding techniques allow us to provide high-quality polyurethane casings for the consumer sector.

Our MRIM™ system produces smooth, stylish mouldings and can be used for complex designs such as those outlined in our case studies below. Whether you need a casino gaming unit cover or public service information terminals, our tooling and moulding process will ensure the final product can withstand 24/7 usage.

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Midas Pattern Company Takes Centre Stage in Macau

High-end gaming units for Macau’s renowned casinos
Opulent yet durable design for 24/7 use
Manufactured with flame-retardant materials

With a 2017 gaming win of $33 billion, Macau, China is known as the ‘Gambling Capital of the World’.

When approached by a UK-based...

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Taking a Swipe at Inefficiency

Resilient case components produced with MRIM™ technology
Innovative marketing solution designed to improve customer sales and satisfaction
Appealing exterior with a high-quality finish

At Midas, our MRIM™ production moulding expertise is helping to boost the appeal of an...

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Midas Helps Put Information in Everyone’s Reach

Colourful yet robust and accessible public information terminals
Height and angle can be adjusted for improved user accessibility
Bespoke software for a wide range of applications

Much of the information we need to carry out our daily lives in this modern world is provided via computers...

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