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Working closely with the beauty industry, we have helped bring innovation to the market by reinventing outdated equipment. From portable spray tan booths to medical laser equipment, we have designed and developed the tooling to create robust polyurethane mouldings and casings for high-tech products.

Our unrivalled experience in the RIM moulding industry allows us to provide expert advice to our clients, ensuring only the best solutions are sent to production. Using high-quality manufacturing techniques, we can create stylish casings that complement the modern beauty industry.

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Portable Spray Tans get an Overhaul

3D visualisation of a portable spray applicator
A variety of models, colours and added graphics
Block model was accepted and full production is in motion

Spray tans are becoming an ever more popular way of achieving that summer holiday glow while avoiding the dangers of UV exposure. As...

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Midas Helps Enshroud Advanced IPL Medical Laser Treatments

Modern casework needed for new IPL treatment system
MRIM™ process was used for fast, quality results
RFI/EMI shield paint applied for added safety

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are becoming increasingly popular with the UK’s population. The British manufactured...

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MRIM™ Shapes up for Beauty System Parts

Complex outer casing needed for Genie-Tech International’s new beauty system
MRIM™ tooling used for quick, accurate results
Approximately 500 casings to be manufactured per annum.

Liverpool-based Genie-Tech International has worked in partnership with a progressive and...

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Midas Provides Front Cover for Successful Medical Laser

New polyurethane casing to replace existing aluminium design
Adapted CAD model to reduce costs and improve functionality
MRIM™ process for quick turnaround on a small batch project

Midas Pattern Company was approached by an intense pulsed light (IPL) manufacturer looking to...

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